Sleep rituals and a (healthy) nighttime cocktail

Id like to share with you my nighttime ritual as well as one of my favorite bedtime refreshments. I'm still in the process of refining and optimizing this ritual. 

After the sun goes down I hang out in the dark and wear sunglasses. Not because I think its cool but its part of my ritual. Its my way of telling my body that today is coming to a close. I wear blue light blocking glasses and use very minimal lighting. In the future I plan on getting Philips Hue lights to decrease exposure to blue light after sundown and help regulate my circadian rhythm. Then I do the following:

  • Write about what I learned and experienced during that day
  • Write down at least 5 things I'm grateful for
  • SET MY INTENTIONS (for sleep & the following days activities).  A tactic I picked up from  Hal Elrod author of The Miracle Morning. This has been one of the most profound changes I have made in my life. He teaches you to write down the amount of sleep you are going to get and why that amount of sleep is going to be perfect for you to recover and restore your body. If you go to bed thinking "Uggghhh im only getting 6 hours of sleep!" you will surely wake up feeling exhausted. But if before bed you say to yourself "Im getting 6 hours of sleep which allows me to get a solid amount of sleep cycles in and I will wake up feeling refreshed" you will wake up feeling refreshed. Try it out, set your intentions and evolve yourself. Be thankful for the sleep cycles you will get, for your bed, for the opportunity to recover, your cotton sheets etc. Then write down your main focus for the next day and what you intend on accomplishing and learning. This will send you to sleep feeling calm and not anxious about the next day. Close the loop in your mind and relax. 
  • Stretch and or roll on Yoga Tune Up balls to release muscle adhesion
  • Drink my sleep grenade 
  • Maybe eat a few tablespoons of almond or cashew butter or any little snack I can find
  • Put my iphone on airplane mode & turn off all electronics 
  • Close my blackout curtains, get buck naked and  use one sheet or thin blanket 

The basis of the sleep grenade is organic Chamomile Tea and Magnesium. Then I add a few but not all of the following:

Also check out this tea blend containing Kava Kava, Valerian, Hops and Passion Flower here

Relax, write, be thankful and sleep easy my friends.