I am happy to share the most influential books I have read in my life thus far. This book list will be divided into 7 Categories:

1. Spiritual Growth & Inspired Mission

This category is the foundation of living your dreams. It includes trauma clearing, emotional healing, uncovering your Dharma or inspired mission and purpose, gratitude, mindfulness, social contribution, & much more.

2. Nutrition & Lifestyle

These books will help you create a lifestyle that allows you to live to your fullest potential by optimizing your biology, improving sleep, hydration, hormone balance, detox methods, and healthy rituals. 

3. Financial Freedom

Most of us know that money doesnt buy happiness. But what it can buy is freedom. Freedom from the work, obligations and debts that hold us back from doing what we would truly love to do. These books contain spiritual and practical information on wealth management. If you follow the advice in these books you will be amazed at how the universe will reward you. "Those who manage money wisely receive more money to manage" -Dr. John DeMartini

4. Mental Performance 

These books will help you on your athletic, business, vocational, and intellectual missions. If you have put in the work, tried again and again, and still havent achieved your desired result there is a good chance your mental state is holding you back. I have noticed by best performances have come to me when my mind is quiet, I have surrendered to the moment, and I do not put any energy into possible outcomes. 

5. Physical Performance

These books will revolve around strength, mobility, yoga, technical skills and biohacking. 

6. Family, love and relationships 

What good would all of this information, development and success be without family, friends and loved ones to share it with.