Could a $10/month investment make you millions?

Over the past couple years I have been filtering and improving the quality of information I allow to enter my mind. I stopped watching or reading the news EVER (which I rarely did anyway) I started listening to audiobooks and podcasts constantly and I made sure all of the friends and clients I surrounded myself with were empowering me and pushing me to grow. 

In 2014 I invested in my future self by getting Pandora One. How is this an investment in your future self? I believe (most) advertisements are societies way of keeping us sedated in old dogmatic thinking. I believe (most) advertisements are bad for our health and negatively affect our central nervous systems and spike our cortisol levels. They also just totally kill the vibe when you're chilling, having a party or enjoying a romantic moment with someone special. 

That was the best $5/month (price of one kombucha) I had ever spent.

I have been using youtube to rewire my brain with positive information and affirmations for over 4 years but I didn't get Youtube Red until late 2015 or early 2016. It has been the best investment I have ever made. I don't doubt it will assist me in impacting millions of people and therefor creating many millions by adding value to everyones lives. 

Youtube, Podcasts, Audible and regular books have been the primary source of my self education and personal development. I have learned more from youtube in a month than I learned in 4+ years of college.  I will be sharing my youtube playlists with you via Facebook and Instagram. 


Here are the 3 main features of YouTube Red

  • Ad-Free watching an listening 
  • Listen to any video or audio even when your phone is "locked"
  • Save offline capability 

Thats all I needed to know to make it worth $10/month for me. 


I listen to meditations, binaural beats, lectures, interviews, audiobooks, affirmations, guided breathing exercises, Ted Talks, sleepy time waterfalls, guided success talks, business masterminds and more. It truly is the biggest source of quality information on the planet. I have saved some of my favorite Alan Watts lectures, binaural beats and chakra healing music for long flights or whenever I want to be "offline".

So you could get Youtube Red to watch their new Original TV Series or pass the time watching cat videos. All I ask is that you be mindful of what you watch and listen to. Ive never been the type to be working and end up watching stupid videos so if you are that type of person be careful because you can watch a lot of mindless negative videos now ad free! Stick with information that is going to empower you to change and improve. Remember the power of repetition. 

Get Smart my friends.

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