30 day audio challenge

There are three audio clips I listen to day in and day out. I have found that no matter how positive and happy you may be, negative and destructive thoughts will creep in from time to time. So how do we bounce back? How do we fill our minds with positive information if our minds seem to be focusing on the negative? Simply manually override it with this powerful audio challenge. For the next 30 days I challenge you to listen to these three audio clips and report back to me what you experienced. Use the hashtag #Lukes30daychallenge to track your progress.

Guided Meditation (15 mins)  by Tara Brach 

Great for beginners and experienced mindful individuals 


Success Affirmations (22 mins) by Power Thoughts Meditation Club

This audio is very powerful. It may sounds unlike you, foreign or unfamiliar in the beginning but I promise you will start to notice how it takes hold after a week or so. 


And the most powerful audio I have listened to yet by MotivationGrid (1 hour)


You may be saying "Luke where I am I going to find a spare 90 minutes or so to listen to all of this?"  We have these beautiful tools that can empower us to greatness or distract us from our dreams called smartphones. The question is how smart are you going to be with your smartphone? How much longer can you tolerate waking up and working towards someones dream?  The average american watches 5 hours of television a day. Add this to hours of commuting, cooking, cleaning and other mindless tasks and I know you can create the time for yourself. Although I know my friends and readers are way WAY WAY above average, Id be willing to bet if we totaled up the time spent on facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat, buzzfeed, CNN or whatever your habit is it would total to more than 90 minutes per day. So why not take a chance on greatness? Why not reinvest that time in yourself and your dreams? You can always go back to your facebook newsfeed  and "Dancing with the Stars" if you do not find this audio beneficial. 

Take the challenge, journal about it daily and give me feedback on facebook, twitter, instagram, email or any other platform you want!