Two Swipe Tuesday

I've noticed how many people, including myself, open articles on their phone and simply give it a swipe or two while lightly skimming the information. So on Tuesdays I will be writing an ultra short "two swipe" article to give you a few nuggets of wisdom to open your mind and improve your week. That way your thumbs wont get tired and you can get back to looking at butts on Instagram...or whatever you were doing. 

Today we will focus on mindfulness. I'm simply going to give you 5 things to be mindful of as you carry out your daily tasks and work. While living in LA I used to let ambulances, aircraft, car horns and car alarms really get to me. Now I use them as cues to check in with my body and visualize my dream. Maybe I'm weird but it works. Create a cue for yourself. Maybe its any time you see your favorite number or hear a train whistle. 

1. BREATH. Right now take a second to observe your breath. Are you hunched over breathing shallow? Take a second to breath into your whole back, chest and belly.  Make an audible exhale. Repeat. 

2. TENSION. Take a moment to observe your body and the tension you are holding. Are you gripping your pen unnecessarily tight while writing? Are you sitting down but your feet are flexed or bouncing up and down? Try doing everything a little bit lighter, you will be amazed with how you feel.  

3. SHOULDER POSITION. How far are your shoulders from your ears right now? Chances are they are closer than they need to be. Are your shoulders rolled forward. In yoga we talk about creating space. Lower your shoulders back and down and breathe fully. That feels better doesn't it?  

4. FACE & JAW. Is your jaw clenched right now? Is your facial expression wrinkled, strained uninviting? Take a moment to soften your eyes, relax your jaw, and let your mouth smile slightly. It will send a signal to your brain and body to relax. Click here for a tedtalk on this. 

5. QUESTION. Ask yourself "What have I been doing for the past hour, day or week and has it been the most profitable thing for me to do?" In other words, ask yourself "are my habits and actions taking me closer to my ultimate life goal?" Think back to high school and how you used to think the more hair gel the better or that buying ripped and stained clothing was cool. Its the same for your life now. What current actions will you look back in 5-10 years and say "that was really stupid of me to spend that much time on snapchat when I really wanted to accomplish XYZ".

Here is one of my new favorite supplements "10 species Mushroom blend" its AMAZING!! I will be writing an article on my supplement protocol soon! 

That is it! Let me know what you think of the "Two Swipe Tuesday" in the comments, facebook, twitter or Instagram @lukepechmann